TerraMaster TOS 6.0

TerraMaster opens up the TOS 6.0 update for public testing

TOS 6.0 is almost here and now you have the opportunity to try it out on a TerraMaster NAS. Previously, TerraMaster only allowed those in the Insider Program to access and test the OS update, but now anyone can download and install TOS 6.0 on a compatible TerraMaster NAS. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What’s new in TOS 6.0?

TerraMaster is going to town with the TOS 6.0 update. It’s quite the release with a reported 40 new major features and more than 370 improvements. TOS 6.0 is designed to “make data storage safer and task processing faster and more agile.” TerraMaster has been behind the curve with OS development, but the company has stepped up its game.

Humorously, TerraMaster states this OS update to be three times as user-friendly, though I’m not entirely sure what metric is used to measure this. The OS will have a newly designed interface and better navigation within apps, which should make TOS feel more user-friendly, especially when compared to Synology’s DiskStation Manager (DSM).

TOS 6.0 uses the latest Linux 6.1 long-term support (LTS) kernel, adding MG-LRU to improve overall system performance. There are also optimizations for btrfs and ext4 file systems, EROFS for data sharing between multiple file systems, support for new processors, faster memory error decoding, and enhanced security.

Traditionally, TerraMaster installs the TOS operating system on every drive, but it’s now possible to specify the installation location. Up to four drives (HDDs or SSDs) can be configured as system disks, providing tighter control over where TOS is loaded from. The new desktop interface should help improve the speed of getting to specific locations within the OS.

Which TerraMaster NAS is supported?

TerraMaster TOS 6
TerraMaster TOS 6. (Source: TerraMaster)

The following NAS can run TerraMaster TOS 6.0:

  • F2-221, F2-223, F2-422, F2-423, F2-424
  • F4-221, F4-223, F4-421, F4-422, F4-423, F4-424, F4-424 Pro, U4-111, U4-423
  • F5-221, F5-421, F5-422
  • T6-423
  • F8-421, F8-422, U8-111, U8-420, U8-423, U8-450, U8-322-9100, U8-522-9400, U8-722-2224
  • T9-423, T9-450
  • T12-423, T12-450, U12-423, U12-322-9100, U12-722-2224
  • U16-322-9100, U16-722-2224, U16-722-2288
  • U24-612, U24-722-2224

You can only update to TOS 6.0 from TOS 5.1.123 or later. If your NAS is running an older version of the OS, it is strongly advised to abort the update process.

How to join the TOS 6.0 beta program

TerraMaster F4-424 Pro OS USB port
TerraMaster F4-424 Pro OS USB port. (Source: NM)

Head over to the official TerraMaster forum to learn more about the TOS 6.0 update and how to get involved. Please do not install the 6.0 update on your live NAS environment. This is a public beta test and should be treated as such. Here’s how to download TOS 6.0 on your TerraMaster NAS:

  1. Download the TOS 6.0 beta package.
  2. Log into your TerraMaster NAS.
  3. Open up Control Panel.
  4. Go to General Settings > System.
  5. Click Browse under “Manual Update.”
  6. Click Apply.
  7. Refresh the browser after the system update completes.

Your TerraMaster NAS will install the TOS 6.0 update and once complete, you may need to refresh your browser. If your NAS receives an IP address from the router through DHCP, you may notice the IP address change once the OS has been updated.

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