A HDD and the TerraMaster F2-212.

TerraMaster’s TRAID+ offers protection against up to two NAS drive failures


TerraMaster launched TRAID to provide a flexible array configuration for TOS 5 users, fusing RAID 1 and 5 features. Designed with beginners in mind, TerraMaster continued developing TRAID and has recently announced the launch of TRAID+ ahead of TOS 6. TRAID+ builds off RAID 6, here’s all you need to know about it.

What is TerraMaster TRAID+?

Seagate IronWolf 16 TB installed inside a NAS
Seagate IronWolf 16 TB installed inside a NAS. (Source: NM)

TerraMaster’s TRAID+ (an abbreviation of TerraMaster RAID+) is a configuration of disks, built off RAID 6. This new RAID type provides an elevated standard of data storage security with additional redundancies, automated disk space aggregation, and seamless expansion. It’s ideal for those who don’t wish to build arrays.

RAID 6 is a double-parity RAID, using two parity stripes across the array and shielding you against data loss with up to two drives failing. TerraMaster’s TRAID+ shares similar characteristics as RAID 6, amalgamating multiple storage units into a versatile array configuration. A minimum of four drives is required because of how TRAID+ (and RAID 6) operates.

Like RAID 6, TRAID+ is designed for those who require the strictest data redundancy measures. This RAID type doesn’t provide the highest capacities, due to the amount of space for adequate protection against more than one drive failure. I don’t recommend running TRAID+ on a home NAS. TerraMaster’s TRAID is more than enough.

TerraMaster F4-424 Pro

TerraMasater F4-424
TerraMasater F4-424. (Source: TerraMaster)

TerraMaster’s F4-424 Pro launched with support for TRAID+ and TOS 6. It’s a powerful enclosure with an Intel CPU, 32 GB of RAM, four drive bays, M.2 SSD slots, and 2.5GbE networking. You can also easily install another NAS OS.

How to migrate from TRAID to TRAID+

TerraMaster TOS 5 Storage Manager.
TerraMaster TOS 5 Storage Manager. (Source: NM)

TerraMaster states a TRAID configuration of drives can be migrated to TRAID+, so long as the added disks match or exceed the smallest disk in the original TRAID array. A TRAID can be migrated to TRAID+ by adding more hard drives and following these steps:

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Go to Storage Management > Storage Pool.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Select Migrate.

Please bear in mind a TRAID can only be migrated to TRAID+ when three or more drives are present.

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