Unraid 6.12.3 has been released

There’s a new version of Unraid available for download. If you’re running the OS on your server, you’ll find all the details on what’s included with this release. Namely, there are some changes to networking and a refreshed kernel. Let’s run through everything.

What’s new in Unraid 6.12.3?

This release focuses on a number of improvements, namely networking with some fixes for IPv6. Specifically, 6.12.3 resolves an issue where the webGUI would not load in certain instances. Dockers have also been fixed whereby they would not correctly shut down when an array stops.

The Linux kernel has also been bumped to 6.1.38.


  • rc.docker:
    • revised docker daemon running check
    • rc.docker: change route metric of main interface as needed to avoid conflict with shim interface with shim interface
  • rc.library:
    • code optimization for ipv6 max/min
    • support ipv4 mapped addresses
  • rc.nginx: explicit ipv4/ipv6 selection on lo interface
  • shfs: correct share size calculation when ZFS is one of the volumes
  • webgui:
    • VM settings page: fixed typo
    • Share Edit page: make minimum free space settings always available
    • Wireguard: fix typo in Ipv6 mask
    • Routing table: fix display of metric value when zero

How to install this Unraid update

It’s super easy to apply an OS update if you’re running Unraid. Here’s how to do it on your DIY NAS:

  1. Log into your Unraid NAS
  2. Go to Tools > About.
  3. Click on “Update OS.”
  4. Click on “Check for Updates.”
  5. If this update is detected, click on “Update.”

The Unraid server will then install the update and reboot. Once this process has been completed, you’ll be good to go.

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