Unraid increases pricing with new license tiers, paid updates, and a lifetime purchase

The pricing of Unraid has always been a barrier for those looking to build their own DIY NAS and save as much money as possible. Existing prices for Unraid would require a purchase of at least $60 for access to the operating system. That’s all changing with Unraid’s new pricing tiers, starting from $50, with the option to extend update support and purchase a lifetime license.

What are the changes to Unraid pricing?

Currently, Unraid has three tiers of licensing, which essentially govern how many devices the OS license can be used on. The company is switching to a different model, which introduces paid update extensions, and the ability to unlock a lifetime of updates for a single purchase.



Supports up to 6 devices.



Supports unlimited devices.



Supports unlimited devices and updates.

With the start and unleashed licenses, you will receive access to all updates for one year. After which an update extension for $36 will need to be purchased, unlocking access for an additional year. If the update coverage runs out, you will have restricted access to updates within the same minor OS version.

If your update coverage runs out on version 7.1.1, you will have access to minor updates up until 7.2. Thereafter, you will receive security patches until 7.3 is released, at which 7.1 will hit end-of-life (EOL).

When will these new prices go live?

Unraid plans to switch its pricing structure on March 27, 2024. This means you have just four days at the time of publishing this article to either purchase a legacy license or prepare yourself for the new tiered pricing. Existing license holders will be transferred to what will be known as legacy licenses.

Will I have updates for life on legacy plans?

You will still receive updates for the remainder of your basic or plus license. If you own either plan and do not wish to switch to the new tiers, you can keep using your legacy license and receive all future updates. Here’s how much it will cost to move between older plans and the new ones:

  • Basic to Plus: $59
  • Basic to Pro: $99
  • Basic to Unleashed: $49
  • Plus to Pro: $69
  • Plus to Unleashed: $19

If you’re on the newer tier plans and wish to extend your update coverage after a lapse, you can do so and your DIY NAS OS will start to receive all the new updates, allowing you to effectively take a break from the optional yearly extension fee.

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