Unraid releases 6.11.1 update

The Unraid team has rolled out an OS update, bringing its popular server package up to version 6.11.1. Whilst this can be considered a minor update, version 6.11.1 does contain a few notable changes and some fixes. If you’re running Unraid, here’s what is new and how to install the update.

What is Unraid 6.11.1?


Updated both qemu and libvirt to the latest versions:

  • Added ppc, riscv32/riscv64, and aarch64 support.

Updated docker to v20.10.18 and improved networking:

  • When DHCP is used, wait for IPv4 assignment before proceeding on system startup, this avoids a possible race condition at boot time when host access to custom networks is enabled.
  • Allow user-defined networks to be reconnected at docker service start. Now all defined networks will be automatically reconnected.

VM Manager improvements:

  • Implemented option to use Virtiofs for mapping of Unraid host shares into a VM.
  • Added Spice HTML client for Virtual Machines (experimental).


  • Fixed an issue where opening certain pages, eg, Dashboard, needlessly causes writes to the USB Flash boot device.
  • Fixed the issue where docker containers can reach the Internet when the WireGuard tunnel is not autostarted at system boot up. Users are advised to regenerate the WG configs. This can be done by clicking in a field to change a value and then changing it back in order to get the Apply button to light up. Then click Apply.
  • Fixed an issue where empty popup windows get displayed with certain browsers and devices.
  • Restored “NTLMv1 authentication” for incoming SMB connections.

How to install this Unraid update

It’s super easy to apply an OS update if you’re running Unraid. Here’s how to do it on your DIY NAS:

  1. Log into your Unraid NAS.
  2. Go to Tools > About.
  3. Click on “Update OS.”
  4. Click on “Check for Updates.”
  5. If this update is detected, click on “Update.”

The Unraid server will then install the update and reboot. Once this process has been completed, you’ll be good to go.

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