Welcome to NAS Master!

I’ve always believed the very first post on my new website would be the most difficult to create and this quickly became reality. I guess I should start with a little about NAS Master, what this website will (hopefully) become, and who the bloody hell the person writing this very paragraph is.

First: welcome to NAS Master! I’m so glad you’ve somehow stumbled onto my new domain. I have big hopes and dreams for this place and wanted to launch something similar for a few years now. Motivation to do so really ramped up as we moved into 2022 and February seemed as good as time as any to get started.

It’s a small side project that I hope will turn into something truly special.

As you’ve probably guessed from the name, NAS Master is all about NAS. Network-attached storage. It’s terribly boring if you’re not into this sort of technology, but trust me … you can do some incredible things with the right server. Fancy creating your own media streaming service? How about file storage? You can do this and more with a NAS.

More people are looking at NAS enclosures for the home and office and there’s not really that much information out there to help one make an informed purchasing decision. That’s where NAS Master comes into play. You’ll find in-depth reviews here, as well as complimentary content in the form of tutorials, buyer guides (see: best NAS), and news.

The man behind the curtain

I know what you’re thinking. “That’s great and all … but who are you?” Good question! I’ve put together some words on why NAS Master, as well as a little about me. The short version is my name is Richard Edmonds. I’ve been involved in covering the tech industry for more than a decade.

I have created content for a leading Windows-focused publication, leading the charge on covering NAS servers. NAS Master is the next logical step for me. It’s a small side project that I hope will turn into something truly special. While it’ll be my free time that’s used for creating content, I’m expecting a solid trickle of words to hit the front page.

How you can get involved

While I continue setting everything up, it’s time for me to hit you with how you can get involved. Bookmark NAS Master on your favourite browsers. Follow the site on your favourite social media platforms (including Twitter and Instagram). Subscribe to the NAS Master email newsletter (no spam, honest).

You could also comment on posts right here on the site. Fancy striking up some conversation or require a little assistance with a NAS-related issue? Get in touch and fire me a message. There’s plenty to do around here and I look forward to interacting with you all in the near future!

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