Western Digital Red Pro 24 TB

Western Digital launches a Red Pro 24 TB NAS hard drive



I heard you wanted more storage capacity and so did Western Digital with the Red Pro 24 TB NAS hard drive. Specially designed for network-attached storage enclosures, this new 24 TB high-capacity drive is perfect for storing data with more than one spinning in a single device. Let’s check the specifications and see what the fuss is all about.

Western Digital’s Red Pro range of NAS drives comes with the company’s NASware technology, a fancy name for numerous features that make these drives better for server deployment. Whether it’s anti-shock protections or rotation vibration sensors, you won’t encounter any trouble using the Western Digital 24 TB inside your storage server.

Expanding your storage horizons

Opening up the TerraMaster F4-424 Pro
Opening up the TerraMaster F4-424 Pro. (Source: NM)

Like the 22 TB and 20 TB versions of the same drive, this Western Digital Red Pro HDD comes with OptiNAND technology. The embedded flash memory can optimize capacity and ensure the drive is running at optimal speeds. This drive is no joke so it commands a hefty price. Like all other drives inside a NAS, I recommend you use some form of RAID.

This makes such a high-capacity drive worth it as you won’t lose as much storage space. Install two of these inside a two-bay NAS and with RAID 1 you will still have 24 TB to use. There’s no word on pricing or availability, though I expect it to be considerably higher than the $600 MSRP for the 22 TB.

Western Digital Red Pro 24 TB

Western Digital Red Pro 24 TB
Western Digital Red Pro 24 TB. (Source: WD)

The largest Western Digital hard drive for NAS enclosures has landed and will let you store more data than you’ll know what to do with.

Size24 TB
Form factor3.5-inch
InterfaceSATA III
Motor speed7,200 RPM
Cache512 MB
Transfer speed~287 MB/s
MTBF2.5 million hours
Workload~550 TB/year
Warranty5 years

Western Digital made its existing 22 TB Red Pro slightly larger to accommodate more data. It’s a serious drive for serious applications. Whether you work with video, or large data, or want to store everything in one place and run a media streaming service, this drive would be a perfect addition to your NAS.

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